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A National Healthcare Company


A national healthcare company wanted to improve productivity and expand the availability of their nursing staff. Throughout the work day, their nurses’ have significant travel times between hospitals and care facilities, and our client wanted to find a way to utilize that time to enhance the patient/customer care experience. The goal was for the nurses to be able to field calls during call volume spikes and to enhance their capabilities so that members of the medical staff could be seamlessly brought into calls with patients if their expertise is needed. All of these functions must be in compliance with all communications regulations.


The challenge the company faced of integrating the nurses into the call center during their commute was easily handled by the Ternio mobile app. The nurses are now able to be directly looped into the contact center call flow while en-route or when they have time between patient visits. With the Ternio mobile app mobile app, the nurses can switch their status to “Available,” allowing them to be on-call for patient inquiries. Our app resolves the compliance and regulations restrictions that would otherwise have limited the nurses’ ability to communicate with their patients without their calls being tracked and recorded. With the Ternio mobile app, they are now able to field and complete patient calls during their commute, and then input their disposition notes directly into the app. These disposition notes and all call data and recordings are available to the supervisors and managers through their contact center business unit.

Importantly, to ensure quality and continuity of care, the Ternio mobile app allows a nurse who is on a call with a patient that needs additional guidance to identify available nurses and doctors and bring them directly into their call.

Additionally, during busy times, when the company’s customer care call volume spikes, the Ternio mobile app efficiently allows the nurses to be available for calls at these critical times.

The Ternio mobile app further expanded the healthcare companies patient care solutions by allowing the nurses to be on call as part of a “hotline” help desk that they were setting up. With the mobile app in their pocket and the ease it provides to control their call status, supervisors can now ensure that they have nurses available at all times. If more nurses are needed, they can simply log in and respond to calls instantly from anywhere, simply logging out when their assistance is no longer needed.

The Ternio mobile app increases the nurses availability and allows them to apply their particular expertise when it is most needed to provide the best care for the patients. This meets our healthcare clients’ goals of enhancing the capabilities of their professional medical staff and improving care for their patients.

Jonathan White
Jonathan White